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Three Step to Unstuck

We all get stuck. Yet somehow, we think of this as a deficit. Whether we are on a plateau with a fitness goal, a business/career path, a relationship, an artistic product, or a sales goal, we think we shouldn’t be stuck. We think we should never be stuck.
Part of the problem is that we spend our time and energy beating ourselves up when we might use that energy to get unstuck. Seasoned professional coach, Brenda Vester, shares a three-step approach to get us out of that trap. Here is a quick paraphrase:

  1. Observe. Check out what’s happening–without judging. Just observe. Where are you stuck? What does it feel like? What are your behaviors? What behaviors are you avoiding? Who else is involved? Where are you expending energy? What outcomes are you achieving (or not achieving)?
  2.  Decide. Without judging or worrying about why things are as they are, decide if you like them that way. Do you want to leave things as they are? Do you want to change? Take time to honestly thing this through according to your own values, priorities, and commitments. Is change in this area genuinely worth it to you?
  3. Act. If you choose to allow things to stay as they are, make peace with that. If you decide you want something to change, make and implement an appropriate action plan. Choose to take one reasonable step at a time.

Vester’s steps allow us to stop whining and take responsibility for the course of our lives. When we start observing rather than berating ourselves, we see things from a healthy perspective and find the energy to make appropriate changes, one reasonable step at a time. Life is too short to waste energy beating yourself up. If you are stuck, it’s because you are human. Observe; decide; act: three steps to move forward. Do it today!

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