We Judge EVERY Book by Its Title:

Keys to Design a Tantalizing Title
and Book Cover

eBook by Bonnie Budzowski

The cover and title of your book serves the same function as curb appeal does for your house. If your house doesn’t make a good impression before a potential buyer walked in the door, the potential sale is lost. Likewise if the cover or title of your book doesn’t cause a potential reader to turn it over or click on a link to learn more, you aren’t going to make a sale. No matter how good your content is, first impressions make or break your ability to sell your book.

We Judge EVERY Book By its Title gives you tips that ensure your book makes a strong first impression and, in turn, increases the likelihood your target readers will be compelled to purchase and read your book.

With this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • A step-by-step process for creating titles
  • How you can use numbers to identify habits or key secrets
  • How to capture attention with words your target reader might say
  • The best way to play on fears and the need to avoid mistakes
  • Effective ways to use humor
  • How to get the most out of endorsements
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