Sixteen Stupid Mistakes that Sabotage Your Speech

eBook by Bonnie Budzowski

Presenting before an audience is scary stuff—for almost everyone. Even competent professionals feel exposed alone on a platform in front of a crowd. We worry that we’ll do something stupid to embarrass ourselves or to sabotage our careers. After all, we’ve seen other people stand before a crowd and do stupid things.

The truth is we can learn from mistakes we’ve seen others make, and we can avoid them. This report lists 16 mistakes I’ve seen people make to sabotage the success of their speeches. I share them with you, so you don’t have to make the same mistake. You can set that fear aside today!

Here’s what you’ll receive inside the report:

  • Instant access to the downloadable report—no waiting for answers
  • Quick, easy-to-apply techniques you can apply to countless speeches from now on
  • Sixteen stupid mistakes explained clearly so that you can be sure to avoid them—and sure to avoid embarrassing yourself!
  • Examples to illustrate the mistakes and bring them to life for you
  • Ways to turn the mistakes into positives that strengthen your speech and make it a success.
Save yourself from these embarrassing mistakes in your next speech!