Sixteen MORE Stupid Mistakes that Sabotage Your Speech

eBook by Bonnie Budzowski

Chances are you’ve been an audience member when the speaker bombed badly. You cringed as you watched the speaker self-destruct before your very eyes. Perhaps you wondered if the speaker realized he was on a downward spiral in front of dozens or hundreds of people.

Let’s make sure this ill-fated speaker isn’t ever you! This report describes 16 MORE ways in which speakers sabotage their own presentations, based on my 20 years as a professional speaker speech coach, and presentation coach. Avoid making these mistakes so that you and your ideas can both shine and succeed!

Here’s what you can expect inside:

  • Instant access—no waiting for answers
  • Quick, easy-to-apply techniques you can use on countless speeches from now on
  • Sixteen MORE stupid mistakes explained clearly so that you can be sure to avoid them—and sure to avoid embarrassing yourself!
  • Examples to illustrate the mistakes and bring them to life for you
  • Ways to turn the mistakes into positives that strengthen your speech and make it a success.
Order now! Save yourself from embarrassing mistakes in your next speech!