Reduce the Frustration of Unanswered Messages

SECRETS To Get Busy People To Respond To Your Messages
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Secrets to Get Busy People to Respond to Your Messages

76-Page Book by Bonnie Budzowski

If you struggle to get people to respond to your messages or are frustrated because you aren’t sure how to structure a winning e-mail, letter, or business proposal, Secrets to Get Busy People to Respond to Your Messages is for you.

With Secrets to Get Busy People to Respond to Your Messages, you’ll discover:

  • 66 easy-to-grasp tips to compelling e-mails, letters, proposals and presentations.
  • Why a shift in attitude—to thinking of every message as a marketing task—will change the results you get.
  • How to adjust the context and the visual aspects of your messages to increase your chances of success.

This book is full of practical tips like:

Use a one-sentence paragraph.
Perhaps a teacher told you a one-sentence paragraph is against grammatical rules. Professional writers use them all the time. A one-sentence paragraph used sparingly, sticks out. It is the equivalent of a strategic pause.

Make visuals and graphics stand alone.
Visuals attract attention, even from readers and audience members who don’t plan to give their attention to your message. Make sure the visuals can tell the story by themselves.

Make your points in descending order of importance—from the receiver’s perspective.
A reader might get interrupted and never get back to your document. A listener might get distracted or called out of your presentation. If you grab the receiver’s attention at the beginning, you increase the chances that he or she will stick with or return to your message.

What Others are Saying…

Bonnie’s impact has been enduring—our staff now consistently strives to produce documents that are attractive, easy-to-read, and customer-focused.”

— Eric Fulmer CEO

You clear the clutter and show me how to improve everything I write. Thank you for giving me both knowledge and confidence”

— Nancy Auman Director of Development

Stop struggling to get people to respond to your messages. Order your copy of Secrets to Get Busy People to Respond to Your Message today!