Introduce Your Speech: Ten Techniques for a Terrific Opening

eBook by Bonnie Budzowski

If you mess up the introduction, people stop listening, and all of your knowledge and hard work is wasted. You can research a topic for months, prepare a speech for weeks and lose your credibility in seven lousy seconds. That’s how long it takes the average person to form an opinion of you when you begin your speech: seven seconds—sometimes less.

Order this eBook, Introduce Your Speech: Ten Techniques for a Terrific Opening, for quick answers. Learn to begin your presentation with power and pizzazz rather than a predictable bland opening.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Instant access to the downloadable report—no waiting for answers
  • Quick, easy-to-apply techniques you can apply to countless speeches
  • Twelve techniques for a memorable opening—this means you’ll be sure to find a way to begin your speech that suits your topic, the occasion, and your personality
  • Examples to illustrate the techniques and bring them to life
  • Words of caution from an experienced speech coach so you’ll be sure to get the most out of the speech opening you choose
  • Time-saving illustrations of ten proven techniques for successfully opening your speech
You only get seven seconds… Use your seven seconds to ensure your success!