Clickety Clack: 86 Ways to
Keep your Speech on Track

90-Page Book by Bonnie Budzowski

Clickety Clack: 86 Ways to Keep Your Speech on Track
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A presentation is an opportunity to showcase your strengths, establish your credibility, secure funding for your project, or sell your firm’s products or services.

Unfortunately, a presentation is also a chance to fail. You might fail to impress; do something to embarrass yourself; or perform in a way that disappoints your colleagues. Now you can discover how to maximize the opportunities and minimize the risks in presenting with Clickety Clack: 86 Ways to Keep Your Speech on Track.

What’s the deal with the train tracks?

Presentations are events in which you, as the speaker, take a group of people on a journey—along your train of thought. When things go well, you can feel, and almost hear, the rhythm: Clickety Clack, this train is chugging down the track.

When things don’t go so well, it is because something has gotten derailed. It might be a glitch in your self-confidence, a mismatch between the content and the audience, or a problem with delivery. When something gets derailed or goes off track, audience members arrive at the end of journey feeling jostled and disgruntled, not ready to respond as you intend.

Discover proven tips to keep your presentation on track:

  • Stoke the fire for a powerful performance
  • Blow the whistle! Get the audience on board
  • Hug the rails—Organize to stay on track
  • Provide a memorable experience
  • Engage, energize, and enhance the journey
  • Keep from derailing your own performance

What Others are Saying…

This book is a great tool! When preparing a presentation, I use it as a concise checklist—to make sure the presentation does what I intend for it to do.”

Rose Almon-Martin,
Vice President of Marketing,
Services and Performance Excellence Center Medrad, Inc.

Kudos on your book Clickety Clack: 86 Ways to Keep Your Speech on Track. (Great title) It’s well organized and packed with pithy tips that will help readers give better presentations.”

Sam Horn,
Author, Tongue Fu! and POP! Stand Out in any Crowd

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