Increase Your Success with One-on-One Presentation or Persuasion Techniques Coaching

Presentation Coaching

Bonnie Budzowski

Take your presentation skills
from dull to dazzling.

Whether you are a business professional, an executive, or an entrepreneur, people judge your competence based on your ability to deliver a presentation and to persuade in one-on-one situations.

If your skills in these areas are holding you back,
one-on-one coaching might be the perfect solution.

Coaching will help you to excel
in the following areas:

  • Capture attention and engage listeners
    with urgency and relevance
  • Organize your ideas to deliver a
    memorable presentation
  • Structure stories, analogies, and examples to make compelling points
  • “Frame” your points based on your goals and a specific audience
  • Create content and presentations appropriate for the executive level
  • Deliver sales presentations that distinguish you from competitors
  • Effectively communicate technical material to non-technical audiences
  • Overcome nervousness with a powerful presentation delivery

You can be confident Bonnie Budzowski is well-qualified to address your issues.   Her clients include individuals from corporations, universities, sales teams, and associations.  Based in Pittsburgh, Bonnie is a premier presentation, writing and influence coach.

Bonnie BudzowskiBonnie is a proven professional with an MA in Communication and 20+ years of experience.  As a qualified member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and past president of NSA Pittsburgh, Bonnie is continually studying her craft and upgrading her skills.

Options for Coaching

Your coaching with Bonnie will be customized and flexible to meet your specific objectives.  You can choose coaching to build skills over a specific timeframe or for a specific project or scheduled event.

Presentation Skill Development

Build on your strengths and address your weak areas.  Bonnie will design a package to enable you to design and deliver your next speech with confidence and competence.

Specific Presentation Coaching

Prepare for a scheduled presentation—at a conference, sales event, or in front of the executive team.  Bonnie will guide you (or your team) in structuring, creating visuals, and delivering a presentation that showcases your expertise and builds your credibility with a specific audience.

Signature Presentation

Develop and rehearse a presentation that showcases your expertise and builds your credibility while establishing your expertise.  Whether you are an author who is speaking as a result of a book, an entrepreneur who is speaking to grow business, or an aspiring speaker, a customized package will take your speech and skills to the next level.

Team Presentation Immersion

Participate in a guided workshop to identify strategies to target prospects and distinguish your company from competitors.  The immersion experience will be completely customized and relevant to your industry, your prospects, and your presentation team.  Take the materials you currently use and transform them into a presentation that blows your competitors out of the water.

Find out how to take your presentation skills from dull to dazzling, contact Bonnie today.