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Power of Writing a Nonfiction Book: Case Study

Fresh Views for Resilient Living by Sharon Eakes

Fresh Views for Resilient Living by Sharon Eakes

Writing a nonfiction book has unparalleled power to brand you as a thought leader, attract clients, and multiply your message. Sometimes the results are nearly magical. If you don’t believe it, consider what happened to Sharon Eakes.

Sharon Eakes is a vibrant individual and professional in her mid-70s. An executive coach, Sharon lives on her own terms, coaching part-time, travelling internationally, and spending precious time with family. As a coach to leaders who face complicated struggles; a survivor of a rare and aggressive cancer; and a deeply spiritual person, Sharon is passionate about living with intention.

For over 15 years, Sharon has written a column for a local community magazine called The Green Tree Times. Her monthly columns reflect on tapping the power of the mind, creating relationships that work, and seeing the connections between all things. Sharon reposts her monthly columns, complete with coaching questions, in her own online newsletter for clients and friends.

Recently, Sharon hired my company, inCredible Messages, to work with her to organize and publish the best-of-the-best of these columns in a book called Fresh Views on Resilient Living. She never expected the amazing opportunity that came just a few months after publication. Sharon envisioned this book as a way to create her legacy and share her thoughts with friends and family as enters her senior years. Sharon has authored and promoted other books to build her business, but she viewed this book differently—more of a personal legacy than a business tool. While Sharon placed the book on Amazon and sent copies to friends, she did not embark on an aggressive promotion strategy. In fact, Sharon didn’t even host a book launch party.

Not to be deterred, Fresh Views on Resilient Living developed a magic of its own. A friend of Sharon’s took it upon himself to send a copy of the book to Arianna Huffington. As a result, Sharon was invited to become a regular HuffPost blogger within months of publishing this book. Here is a link to Sharon’s first post:

Both the page views and the credibility that come with being a HuffPost blogger will multiply Sharon’s message and result in countless opportunities. Imagine what might happen if Sharon starts actually promoting this book!

Of course, most often, the magic of writing a nonfiction book comes with the hard work of the author’s promotion. Prestigious blogging opportunities don’t typically drop in your lap mere months after you become an author. At the same time, there is nothing like writing and publishing a nonfiction book to dramatically increase the chances that you will receive writing and speaking opportunities that allow you to promote your message and build your business.

A nonfiction book has unparalleled power to grow your business. Have you written your book yet?

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