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Write Content to Attract Readers and Potential Clients: Secrets to Compelling Writing

Without necessarily meaning to, readers and potential clients are looking for excuses NOT to pay attention to one more thing.  What can you do to grab attention and write content to attract readers and potential clients?

Think about your own selection process.  How many e-mail messages do you ignore or delete each day?  How many articles or websites do you shut down with a quick click?  What criteria do you use to decide?  How many seconds do you take to decide?  What makes you read a piece rather than give it a quick skim?

If you are like most people, the ultimate criteria for compelling writing is personal relevance, even if you are not aware of the judgment you make.  You parse out your attention based on information relevant to problems you have to solve or goals you wish to achieve.  And, once again, if you are  like most people, your pressing problems take precedence over any goals you have.  If a website, article, or blog post addresses one of your problems in an accessible and practical way, it’s likely to get your attention.

Experts, entrepreneurs, and sales people tend to forget their own method for evaluating messages.  They write prescriptively rather than responsively.  Experts, entrepreneurs, and sales people prescribe medicine for illnesses people don’t know they have, and they answer questions people haven’t asked.  Unfortunately, target readers and potential clients aren’t motivated to devote attention to illness they don’t know they have–even if the doctor (expert) is 100% right!  If we want people to read what we write, we have to be relevant on their terms, not our own.

Follow these tips to attract write content to attract clients or other target readers:

  1. Immediately address a problem or a goal.   Skip the long wind up and/or background information, and get to the relevant point in the first paragraph.  If you bury the relevant point or swamp the reader with too much information, you’ll lose the reader before he or she knows you have something valuable to say.
  2. Create content-rich headings the reader can scan.  For example, change a topic heading, like “Population Trends” to one that draws the reader in, such as, “Declining Population Creates Unprecidented Business Opportunities.”  Make your headings standout with a larger, bold font and surround them with white space.  That way, the headings will “pop” for the reader who gives them a quick skim.  If the points are relevant to the reader, he or she will likely give your writing more attention.
  3. Keep your writing short and to-the-point.  If you want people to read, less is more!  With the evolution of online information, people more and more expect to receive their information in short chunks, perhaps 500 words or so per chunk.  If your pages or screens look like they require a big commitment of time and concentration, don’t expect people to read them.

If you are an expert, entrepreneur, or sales person who writes to build your business, shift your perspective from prescriptive to responsive.  Write content that is immediately relevant to your target readers’ and potential clients’ pressing problems and attractive goals.  This content is the best best to build your business.




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