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Non-fiction Book Writing & Publishing Secrets

Want to know how to write a non-fiction book  that has power to attract readers or a publisher?  Want to know if you have a formula for success?

Start with a diagnosis.  Ask yourself, where do my target readers hurt?  What causes them enough pain that they are willing to spend time and money to get rid of the pain?

Unless you are a celebrity, the foundation of a successful non-fiction book that attracts readers and builds your business is a solution(s) to a problem readers care about.  This is true whether you self-publish or pitch to a traditional publisher.  “Most non-fiction books are pain-point driven,” says Justin Branch, senior consultant with Greenleaf Book Group.  “People go to the bookstore looking for solutions to specific problems.”

According to Branch, Greenleaf Book Group publishes 80 titles per year.  This represents a mere 3% of the pitches they receive each year.  From what I gather from other sources, the 3% number is typical for traditional publishers.  

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