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Three Step to Unstuck

We all get stuck. Yet somehow, we think of this as a deficit. Whether we are on a plateau with a fitness goal, a business/career path, a relationship, an artistic product, or a sales goal, we think we shouldn’t be stuck. We think we should never be stuck.
Part of the problem is that we spend our time and energy beating ourselves up when we might use that energy to get unstuck. Seasoned professional coach, Brenda Vester, shares a three-step approach to get us out of that trap. Here is a quick paraphrase:

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Overcome Writer’s Block with this Proven Technique #3

Tackling a big writing project, it’s easy to get bogged down and twisted up with details.  This aspect of writer’s block occurs when you struggle to communicate the overarching structure because you are overwhelmed with many details.  It might also occur when you have readers or audience members who require differing levels of detail.  When this happens, follow the failsafe technique of Light, Layered, and Linked.

I discovered the Light, Layered and Linked approach in a book called Writing for the Information Age by Bruce Ross Larson, published in 2002.  These three Ls have been a guiding force in everything I’ve written since.  The three Ls help me to overcome writer’s block by reminding me where I should start.  They also help my writing to be more clear, concise, and compelling.

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Overcome Writer’s Block with this Proven Technique #2

Most of us believe that when we put our writing out to the world, we are inviting criticism.  We expect people to judge us.  We worry that we won’t measure up.  This leads to writer’s block caused by perfection paralysis.  Have you ever had it?

Here are two proven techniques to overcome writer’s block caused by perfection paralysis:

  1. Correct your assumption
  2. Change your writing process

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Overcome Writer’s Block with this Proven Technique #1

Do you struggle with blank page or blank screen syndrome? Are you looking for a way to overcome writer’s block?  If so, try freewriting, a quick and easy technique that’s a favorite of professional writers.

In freewriting, you write whatever comes to mind for approximately 10 minutes.  You write rapidly (even randomly), without worrying about complete sentences, punctuation, or grammar.  Essentially, freewriting is writing to yourself to see what is going on in your mind.  You try not to even think much, let alone criticize yourself.

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