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Stop Putting Your Writing Project on the Back Burner

Write Your Book to Build Your Business

Have you always wanted to write a book, or know you need one to build business?  Is your book a task that’s been on the back burner for months or years?

Do you find yourself asking questions like:

  • A book is a mammoth project.  Where would I even begin?
  • My plate is already full.  Can I fit a book project into my schedule?
  • I’m not a good writer; won’t I just embarrass myself with a book?
  • I’ve started a book and am stuck.  What now?
  • How would I go about publishing my book?

If you are looking for answers, inspiration, and practical steps to complete a book project, you won’t want to miss this jam-packed session.  Accomplished speaker and writing coach, Bonnie Budzowski , helps authors move a book from concept, to writing, to being ready for publication.

This speaking presentation will help you discover:

  • How to choose a unique and marketable book angle
  • A step-by-step approach to move from talking about a book to completing that book
  • The SCORE system, a proprietary system to write with efficiency and power
  • Keys to working with a book coach and/or an editor
  • Choices involved in publishing your book

Bonnie BudzowskiWith Bonnie, you have access to over 20 years of passion for persuasion, presentations, and storytelling.  As founder of inCredible Messages, Past President of NSA Pittsburgh, and famed Pittsburgh writing coach, Bonnie is a nationally in-demand speaker, author, and coach. Bonnie works with writers and speaks across the country from her base in Pittsburgh PA.

Here’s what others are saying…

Bonnie gave me what I needed to complete an item on my bucket list—one that seemed on the impossible side.  She took pain out of the process and was a consummate professional every step of the way.”

— Nick Coletti
Author, Paint a Target on Your Chest:
And Other Strategies of Executive Team Development

I have heard Bonnie speak and have participated in two of her engaging workshops/presentations. Her message is consistent, her presentation is fun. But most of all, I appreciate her unique ability to take a grand and scary challenge – such as writing a book – and  simplify the process so that it becomes a joy, not a burden. Bonnie and her system are critical to anyone who wishes to communicate effectively today.”

– Jeffrey Tobin, Concept Coach

I attended Bonnie’s last “Write Your Book to Build Your Business” event and was most impressed with the program. She combines practical, immediately useful writing tips along with a healthy dose of encouragement to get you moving on writing your book. If you’ve long had a dream of writing a book, this is a program that will spark your enthusiasm to make it a reality.

— Sam Wider, Speaker and Coach
Past President NSA Pittsburgh

Go to this workshop! I attended Bonnie’s workshop last fall and was inspired by the fabulous people who had published their books with Bonnie’s help. It totally made me rethink my potential book and when I’m ready to write it, I’ll be calling Bonnie! If you even have a glimmer of a thought about possibly writing a book — going to this workshop can be the catalyst to getting your message out there. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

— Cathy Jennings, Principal
No Pressure Networking

Guarantee the success of your next meeting or event! Contact Bonnie at (412) 828-1629 to see how she can help.