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Turn Your Expertise into Multi-Purpose Content
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NSA Chapter Only Program

Bookings on the platform and increased fees depend upon perceptions of expertise.  Perceptions are driven by content:  blog posts, articles, e-reports, books, etc.  You’ve learned strategies to position this content, but how do you generate it efficiently and effectively in the midst of a busy schedule?

Learn from seasoned NSA speaker, content coach, book writing mentor and expert, Bonnie Budzowski:

  • How creating content can be as easy as having a conversation
  • To use titles and templates to structure content quickly and painlessly
  • The S.C.O.R.E. System, which simplifies the processes of professional writers so you can apply them to any writing project
  • How to use sloppy drafts  to reduce the time and frustration you spend on a writing project
  • How to turn one written piece into multiple uses
  • To create a writer’s bio to draw people to your website
  • How to partner with NSA peers to create quick, free content

Expert speaker and content creation coach Bonnie Budzowski packs her programs full of practical information.  In fact, you’ll leave this program with at least two pieces in rough draft, plus ideas for dozens more.  In the process, you’ll be entertained, challenged, and energized to use your expertise to grow your business.

Bonnie BudzowskiBonnie is Principal of inCredible Messages and Past President of NSA Pittsburgh.  She is recipient of the NSA’s President’s Award for Distinguished Service for her work on Speaker Magazine under President Lenora Billings-Harris.  Her books include the guide, Write Your Book to Build Your Business.

What Others are Saying…

Trust me when I tell you, her methods work. I constantly preach the value of the written word to my clients. If you want to make more money with products in your speaking business, listen to Bonnie.”

— Lois Creamer, Book More Business

I never had a process for writing that worked—your program unleashed me to write effectively and confidently.”

— Kathy Coder, Independent Consultant

Because of Bonnie Budzowski, I have just had my book project accepted by John Wiley and Sons! I have four other self-published books, but when my co-author and I decided that our next book will be a best-seller (!), we turned to Bonnie to help us organize the content and lay out the book proposal. She is a Pro, is incredibly creative and does what she says she will do in a timely manner.

Jeff Tobe, CSP

If you even have a glimmer of a thought about possibly writing a book — going to this workshop can be the catalyst to getting your message out there. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

— Cathy Jennings, Principal
No Pressure Networking

Contact Bonnie today to see how her expertise in creating content can make your next NSA Chapter meeting a success!