Make a Presentation that Your Audience Will Remember

Move Your Presentation from Boring to Brilliant

From Boring to BrilliantMost presentations are just ok. They are competent, predictable, and- if we tell the truth- just plain boring. They tackle too much, share facts rather than emotions, and fail to engage and inspire listeners.

Whether you are a leader seeking to get others on board, a business owner seeking to attract clients, or an entrepreneur wanting to establish credibility, OK is not going to cut it. You need to stand out from the boring crowd; you need to engage, energize and connect!

This presentation, delivered from recognized presentation coach Bonnie Budzowski, will reveal secrets of the pros that you can use to make your presentations memorable and persuasive.

You’ll learn how to choose the right amount of material for your timeframe, how to use metaphor and analogy to make an impact, and how to interact with your audience members rather than lecture them. You’ll also see a dynamic presenter in action, participate in productive activities, and laugh out loud.

If your presentations are boring—and you want to move them to brilliant—this session is for you!

During this presentation, you can expect:

  • Ten ways to grab your audience’s attention – right from the start
  • Keys to engage audience members and keep them involved
  • How to get the most impact from a story or example
  • Secrets to structure a presentation for clarity and power
  • A surprising secret to unleash power in a question and answer session
  • Tips to avoid mistakes that confuse and bore
  • Guidelines for a dynamic delivery

Bonnie BudzowskiWith Bonnie as your speaker, you have access to more than 20 years of passion for persuasion, presentations, and storytelling. As founder of inCredible Messages and past president of NSA Pittsburgh, Bonnie is a nationally in-demand speaker, author, and coach.

What Others are Saying…

Your interactive style had the participants instantly engaged and involved. You had the team focused and interested during an after-lunch session. That was quite an accomplishment!”

–Rebecca Lamperski
Tri-State Senior Director of Sales

I highly recommend Bonnie as a speaker for your next event.

– Amy Palmer, Event Manager
PASAE (Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives)

No more boring presentations! Contact Bonnie today to see how she can help you move your presentation skills and speeches to the next level.