Taking the Stress Out Of Editing Your Writing Project

Writing Support and Editing Services

Writing Support & Editing ServicesWe recognize that as entrepreneurs or other experts, time is limited, especially when it comes to your writing projects. To get your project from start to finish, you might find it efficient to have an editor who not only points out your mistakes, but will also do some re-writing to make corrections and/or improve your text.

When you work with Bonnie in any of the following categories, you can choose to receive suggestions or the higher level of service which includes some co-writing or rewriting.

Editing services, like all inCredible Messages services, are flexible to meet your needs.  If you don’t see exactly what you need, let us set up a custom package for you.

Manuscript Development Editing

Once a draft of a chapter or the full book is written, Bonnie reviews your manuscript and provides suggestions to improve the content.  Feedback at this level is a big-picture view that can be the key to moving your manuscript from ordinary to outstanding.

Feedback can include:

  • Suggested organization changes to attract readers
  • Adjustments to the  tone of your writing
  • Where additional information is needed
  • Areas where examples or illustrations will clarify things for the reader
  • Areas of inconsistencies and/or problems of logic
  • Coaching on repeated grammatical errors (to save time and expense by fixing in future chapters)

Bonnie will review your work with target readers in mind, thinking beyond the technical aspects of writing.  Although manuscript development editors are not marketing professionals, Bonnie will give you suggestions about how to make the book appealing to the buying public.  Using her background in rhetoric and persuasion, plus her own perspective as a business owner, Bonnie provides a marketing edge over typical editors.

The earlier in your process that you can work with a manuscript editor, the better. With early feedback, you can incorporate relevant changes into the book as you write, saving time, money, and frustration.

Copy Editing

When you hire a copy editor (sometimes called a line editor), you hire someone to review your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency.  Think of this editor as the one who will help you avoid embarrassing yourself with pesky mistakes that can hurt your credibility, providing a small-picture review of your work.  Copyediting is tedious and time-consuming work, best done by an expert in English punctuation and grammar.


You should proofread your manuscript yourself—multiple times, with an eye to the tiniest details.  You will, however, reach a point where you can no longer “see” the manuscript clearly.  This comes from simply being too close to the project.

Good proofreaders are people who can catch those tiny mistakes, like a missing period at the end of a sentence, or the word trial when only trail makes sense.  Good proofreading and editing is essential to your credibility as an author.  Bonnie works will excellent copywriters, supervising their work to ensure you get a great result.  It is always the author’s job to do the final reading and approve the proofreader’s work. In the end, it’s your name on the cover!

Ghost Writing Services

Bonnie can ghost write the copy for your review via interviews, following the planning work that is included in the book mentoring program. In this option, final decisions are shared and the authorship reads “with Bonnie Budzowski.”

What Others are Saying…

Hiring Bonnie as my writing coach was the smartest decision I made when deciding to write a book. She is a competent, skilled communicator and a warm, wonderful human being. Bonnie is my tireless cheerleader. The feedback I receive from her demonstrates her expertise as a writing coach as well as her enthusiasm for my success as an author.  I have complete confidence in Bonnie!”

— Renee Thompson
Principal, RT Connections

A special acknowledgement goes to Bonnie Budzowski and the team at inCredible Messages. Done! could not have been written without this experienced team of professionals who provided editing, formatting, and graphic design services.”

— Renee Galloway, Ed.D.
Author, Done! A Guide to Prioritize, Plan, and Perform to Accomplish Your Goals

Getting your manuscript to a finalized state can be a lot of work. Let Bonnie guide you through the process. Contact her today to get started.