Expert Guidance to Help Your Book Project Succeed

Focus, Plan, and Structure Your Book for Success

Focus, Plan & Structure
You’ve made a commitment to become an author—to write a book that promotes your business and establishes your role as an expert in your field. You know that authors are treated differently—they stand out against competitors, get invitations to speak in front of target audiences, and receive higher fees.

At least, these are the results when the book matches the author’s expertise with its targeted audience’s perceived need in a compelling way. The book has to present the author’s highest value content in an organized and interesting way.

Develop Your Book Strategy and Blueprint

How do you hit the target when you’ve never written a book before and you have pressing daily responsibilities and clients to serve? You start with a Book Strategy and Blueprint Package. With Bonnie’s expert guidance, you’ll create a plan that ensures you hit the target and you have a blueprint that breaks your book project into manageable chunks. You’ll have the assurance that even when life gets in your way, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off and complete your project.

Here’s what you get:

  • Focused One-on-One Attention Experience in-person or remote sessions with Bonnie to answer her proprietary five focus questions—ones that ensure you match your highest value content with your target reader’s motivation to read or buy.
  • Expert Guidance Work through a proven process to move from a messy beginning to clear direction, structure, and content of the book.
  • Clarity Create alignment between your book’s goals and your publishing decisions
  • Detailed book blueprint Identify chapter titles and major chunks of content for each chapter.
  • High-level feedback Receive a first chapter assessment to make sure the blueprint we put together works.

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