Services to Take the Stress Out of Your Writing Project

Book Project Management

If you haven’t written a book before, the steps and options involved can be overwhelming.  To make matters worse, your responsibilities to clients and family don’t stop while you are completing a book project.

Save time, frustration, and risk of costly mistakes by relying on the experienced inCredible Messages staff to guide your project from book concept to self-published result.

Your project will be designed to meet your specific needs.  In general, you can expect:

  • Guidance in determining the parameters of your book, ensuring marketability
  • A sound organizational plan you can complete in the midst of a busy schedule
  • Coaching regarding the SCORE System—a writing process that saves you time and frustration
  • Schedule and accountability checks
  • Expert “big-picture” editing, ensuring your book has a smooth, logical, and readable flow
  • Detailed copy editing and proofreading to ensure you will be proud rather than embarrassed by your product
  • Professionally designed cover
  • Back cover sales copy to attract readers
  • Layout and design services
  • Required ISBN number and artwork
  • Guidance and coordination in choosing and working with a self-publisher
  • Co-writing or ghost writing, as desired

Completing a book project can result in a giant step forward in growing your business.  With project management services from inCredible Messages, you can be sure your project is moving forward with excellent guidance, saving you headaches, mistakes, and energy to concentrate on other pressing matters.

What Others are Saying…

Working with Bonnie took the pressure off me as an author.  Every time we met, I knew I’d sleep well that night, knowing my book was headed in the right direction.  With Bonnie as my book coach, I was confident my book would turn out a success.  And it did!”

— Lillian Meyers, Ph.D.
Grief Educator and Speaker
Author, I’m So Sorry for Your Loss. . . .

Bonnie was the main force behind the E-Book 29 Perspectives that we proudly offer on the Pittsburgh Coaches Association website. In that role, she created the structure for the book, organized it, edited it, and wrote the front pages. She did all this with calmness and clarity while keeping all the authors on track. Not an easy job.”

— Susan English
Pittsburgh Coaches Association Board Chair 2010

Get started today! Contact Bonnie at (412) 828-1629 to learn how she can help you with your next project.