Helping You Get Your Writing Project From Start to Finish

Move your book from your mind to market.

Book Coaching and Mentoring

As a book mentor, Bonnie Budzowski can help you through all aspects of the book writing process, from start to finish.

This arrangement typically lasts between 12 and 24 months, with your investment varying with the size of your project and specific needs.

Book Planning

Our collaboration begins with a careful examination of your goals, potential marketplace, and publishing options. With a clear idea of who will publish and buy your book, Bonnie will use her expertise to guide you through creating a clear writing plan, which includes decisions about structure, what to include or exclude, a table of contents, and templates for each chapter.

Book Coaching

Once your plan is complete, you’ll write a pilot chapter and meet with Bonnie for coaching to ensure your writing is the best it can be.  You’ll debrief any problems you had with the writing process and generate strategies to deal with your personal challenges.  Bonnie will have tips and suggestions customized for you, as well as feedback that can improve your efficiency and quality of the remaining chapters. Together, you’ll create a schedule for completing your remaining chapters that works with your lifestyle.


As you complete each chapter, Bonnie will provide feedback via Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, including big picture suggestions, like how to adjust the flow and where to add examples, (known as manuscript editing). Throughout the process of writing your book, Bonnie will check in and hold you accountable according to your personalized agreement.  You’ll be responsible to complete assignments and to stick with your schedule so you can complete the book during your negotiated timeframe.  As you have questions or concerns throughout the process, you are welcome to contact Bonnie via e-mail or phone for support.

Choose the Level of Support Right for You


Top-Shelf Support:

Bonnie provides suggestions, plus some rewriting to elevate the writing.  The book maintains your personal voice and style of writing but has the strength of writing done by a professional.  This saves you a significant amount of time and frustration while elevating the quality of the writing.  You make all the final decisions and retain sole authorship of the book.

Standard Support:

Bonnie makes suggestions for improvement which you accept and/or implement.  These suggestions will involve flow, when to expand a section or add an example, when to clarify something for the reader, etc.

A book mentoring arrangement typically lasts between 12 and 24 months, with your investment varying with the size of your project and specific needs. Your arrangement may include layout, editing, and other book writing services as desired.

What Others are Saying…

The magic of this book sparked because of you.  You have been a true gem and you have helped make this book come to life.  You have been more than a mentor, coach, and editor; you have been an inspiration and a friend.  The passion for what you do is so apparent.  We have connected in such a way that I know you truly understand where I am, and you have always been able to give me the exact nutrient I need!”

— Lindsey Smith, Speaker and Coach
Author, Junk Foods and Junk Moods:  Stop Craving and Start Living!

Because of Bonnie Budzowski, I have just had my book project accepted by John Wiley and Sons! I have four other self-published books, but when my co-author and I decided that our next book will be a best-seller (!), we turned to Bonnie to help us organize the content and lay out the book proposal. She is a Pro, is incredibly creative, and does what she says she will do in a timely manner.”

— Jeff Tobe, CSP
Coloring Outside the Lines, Speaker
Coauthor, Anticipation
Book Publication date: Fall 2012

If not for Bonnie, I expect I wouldn’t have managed to finish my book—at least not in any semblance of order. Bonnie’s coaching was invaluable.

Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach
Author, Career Ownership:  Creating ‘Job Security’ in Any Economy

Bonnie was the main force behind the E-Book 29 Perspectives that we proudly offer on the Pittsburgh Coaches Association website.  In that role, she created the structure for the book, organized it, edited it, and wrote the front pages.  She did all this with calmness and clarity while keeping all the authors on track.  Not an easy job.”

—Susan English,
Pittsburgh Coaches Association Board Chair 2010

Using your SCORE system made my writing task so much easier. The ‘Spill Your Thoughts’ brainstorming got me to new ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. I am so excited to use this method to write a book. I want to sing your praises!!”

— Cynthia Klein
Certified Parent Educator

Contact Bonnie directly at (412) 828-1629 to see how she can help you.