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Bonnie Budzowski’s Book Writing Services

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Let us take the pressure and stress out of your writing project.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or someone who struggles to get words on a screen, writing a book can be a time consuming and intimidating process at times. If you’re just looking for some sound advice from  a book coach or need someone to walk you through each step, inCredible Messages can help.

We know that your project is unique, and that means your needs are unique as well. All of our services are available on an aLa Carte basis, but we have packaged many of the most popular book writing services to make it easier.  You can choose a DIY package or one that saves precious time and energy with more personalized
and hands-on services.

Book Writing Packages

Focus, Plan and StructureFocus, Plan and Structure

Let Bonnie guide you through the book planning process, from book concept to table of contents and chapter templates. This package includes expert advice on creating your personalized management book plan, how to fit writing in your schedule, and detailed review of your materials.

Book MentoringBook Coaching

Typically spanning a 12- 24 month period, Bonnie provides individual book coaching and writing support throughout the entire process of writing your book.

Layout and DesignLayout and Design

It won’t matter how amazing your content is if no one buys your book. We’ll make sure the layout and design of your book is the best it can be.

Project ManagementProject Management

If you haven’t published a book before, the steps and options involved can be overwhelming.  Rely on our experience to guide your complete project, from concept to writing to layout to self-published result.